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(This post was originally published September 18, 2013.)

Twitter was all abuzz last week about the release of the new, Jack Black-produced web series, Ghost Ghirls. This was exciting not only because the wait between announcement and delivery was so long (eight months!), but also because the series really delivered. It was just as good as everyone expected. We heard the incomparable Jack Black was attached, we saw the sharp, funny preview, we waited with bated breath, and… IT WAS WORTH IT. It was actually worth the wait. So rare an experience, and so delicious.

The series is tight — each episode is about 10 minutes long, and every minute counts. The characters are perfectly lovable and perfectly love-to-hateable. The guest stars are awesome (Jake Johnson, Bob Odenkirk, Val Kilmer, Kumail Nanjiani, Molly Shannon, and Jack Black himself among them). The concept (a spoof on all those psychic medium/ghost hunter shows) is something I can’t believe hasn’t already been done to death; it feels fresh and timely. Creators and stars Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci will make you laugh out loud, even if (especially if?) you’re alone and wearing sweatpants and just had a really bad day. Just promise me you’ll also watch the bloopers.

So in case you missed it, in case you were on a Twitter hiatus or decided to leave your smart phone at home when you went to Bali, Ghost Ghirls is what you missed. That’s it. Oh, and Ricky Gervais’s latest comedy(?), Derek, made its North American premiere on Netflix to mixed reviews.

I watched all the episodes in one day, and may watch them all again soon. I suggest you do the same!

Hannah McIlveen

Hannah McIlveen is a university grad with a serious television obsession living in Sydney, Nova Scotia with her husband, Kevin, and their insane puppies, Penny and Levi. In addition to writing CWW, Hannah has contributed to things like Bitch Magazine, Lydia Mag, and Blogcritics.

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  1. “So in case you missed it, in case you were on a Twitter hiatus or decided to leave your smart phone at home when you went to Bali”… or you LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND. Why does yahoo hate New Zealand SO MUCH?

    Truly, so disappointed. The teaser made me do a spit take, it was so funny.

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